Finola I haven't got telling you I'm pregnant  7 weeks so excited but terrified at same time, all thanks to your treatments and advice it finally happened for us.  We are over the moon thank you so so much I honestly believe it was your treatments and advice that have made this happen so I am very very grateful your a star and once I get over the 12 weeks I will get booked in for some pregnancy reflex with you your a gem  and I am so glad I went to you thanks so so much for making our dream come true especially for my girl xxxxxx

My fertility journey.  


My fertility journey started 8 years ago when we found out my fiancé at the time couldn’t have kids due to having no vas deferens.  Was placed on ivf waiting list and was told would be at least a year. Didn’t mind this cause it I was getting married in 10 months and that would fall in nicely.  


A month after getting married we got a letter saying that we had reached top of list if we wanted to go ahead.  Was so excited cause I was convinced that this was it I was gonna get pregnant no problem.  There was so much to take in all the information and drugs.  I started with an inhaler 4 times a day.  This was to control my hormones I was all over the place plus give me really bad headaches.  After 4 weeks of this I had to continue taking inhaler on top of injecting myself 2 daily.  


Egg retrieval day came and I can honestly say have never felt pain like it.  It felt like I was getting stabbed every time they burst the follicles.  The next few days was painful but bearable.  We had a 5 day transfer and 2 eggs were placed.  


The 2 week wait was really hard and watching for any pregnancy symptoms. finally took a pregnancy test and it was positive.  A week later I started to bleed and went for a scan there was 2 Embryos present. 2 days later I had a miscarriage. 


After this we had 4 cycles in the space of 18 months.  With no pregnancies we decided to stop. 


After 3 years we decided to give it one last go at this point I was recommended reflexology with finola.  For about 6 months before starting treatment I attended finola every 2 weeks she advised me to do a few things that’s would help when we did go for treatment. 


On the day of my egg retrieval finola seen me for pain relief that night knowing that I suffered severe pain at this stage every time.  I woke up the next morning completely normal I couldn’t believe it.   I continued to see finola during the 2 week wait and this helped me so much. 


I took the pregnancy test after the 2 week wait and it was a positive. We had to attend the RFC at 7 weeks to make sure it was a viable pregnancy and found out we were having twins.  


I’m now 31 weeks pregnant and I can’t thank finola enough for getting me through the last year.