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A non-intrusive relaxing treatment were precise pressure is applied to specific points 'Reflexes' on the feet.  Certain areas on the feet correspond with areas, structures and the systems with in the body. By manipulating these areas the body's state  of healing can be altered.


Reflexology works by stimulating, unblocking and balancing the reflexes on the feet leading to a sense of well being and relaxation.


How can it help?


By working the reflexes with this gentle treatment the body is encouraged to work naturally to restore its own healthy balance. Reflexology improves circulation and detoxifies the body and stimulates the production of  'endorphins'  which are the bodies natural pain killers. Reflexology may bring relief to a wide range of acute and chronic conditions which include:

Muscular pain

Digestive disorders

Reproductive issues

Hormonal imbalances

Migraine/Cluster headaches

Sleep disorders

Stress related conditions

Sports injury

Pre and Post Pregnancy

Palliative Care


How long does a treatment last?


First treatment will last 70min upon which you will be required to complete a full consultation, which will be done in the strictest of confidence to ensure a treatment plan that is safe and suitable for you.

Subsequent treatment last 60min

*plans are subsequent to change according to how your treatments are going

To gain maxim benefits for various health issues a course of 6 treatments may be required.

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