Cosmetics and Fertility

The average women uses twelve personal care products a day - these contain one hundred and sixty eight different chemicals. In today's modern society all sorts of cleaning products, cosmetics, perfume, lotions, moisturiser's, foundations, lipsticks, nail polish, nail polish removers, shampoos , conditioners, hair colorings, mascaras, deodorants, soaps, liquid soaps, body sprays to name a few - are all made up of chemicals that consumers may not be aware of. It is the various high levels of toxic chemicals contents that are contained in these everyday products that can have a severe negative effect on female fertility such as hormones and the reproductive system.

In resent years several endocrine disrupting chemicals have been identified to affect abnormal ovarian function, miscarriage, and overall male and female infertility. Phthalates potential health effect contributes to weakened immune system, birth defects, hormone disruptive levels, early puberty in girls, high risk of miscarriage, reduction in healthy eggs, feminisation of baby boys, sperm damage, poor sperm quality, obesity. The endocrine disruption of certain chemicals can disturb thyroid, testosterone and estrogen regulation, liver stress, fatigue, asthma attacks and breathing problems, rashes, dermatitis, anemia, kidney degeneration, headaches.

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